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IIS Mod-Rewrite 4.0

IIS Mod-Rewrite is a powerful, high quality professional URL rewriting tool
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Micronovae Ltd

IIS Mod-Rewrite is a powerful, high quality professional URL rewriting tool for IIS. It rewrites URLs on the fly by using flexible custom rules and helps web developers and webmasters get the most out of their web applications. It is ideal for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), redirecting or proxying requests, blocking undesired traffic and much more. IIS Mod-Rewrite installs like breeze on your server and you can configure its numerous features through an easy-to-use, yet powerful control center. IIS Mod-Rewrite is 100% compatible with Apache mod_rewrite, implementing all its features. Rewrite configurations can be migrated from IIS to Apache, and vice versa, painlessly, by just doing a copy.
- Fine tune your configurations by using the regular expression tester.
- Expand the URL rewriting capabilities by using external programs (RewriteMap prg:)
- Very high performance rewriting engine, written with highly optimized C code.
- Web hosting providers can easily manage which websites can use IIS Mod-Rewrite and free server resources for the rest of websites.
- Diagnostics tool for quick and effective troubleshooting by the support team.
- Textmap file to hash database (RewriteMap txt: to dbm:) conversion tool.
- Increased stability against external programs.
- Extended directive set for configuring, overriding, and deploying engine settings up to site level.

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